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The Distance Between Us - Kasie West 4.5 stars. Kasie West is a brilliant author.

Contrary to the majority, my first book was The Distance Between Us, while for others it was Pivot Point (which was my second!), and I knew if I didn't know West before, I was in love with her now. Maybe not with any of her other books, but definitely for TDBU.

Let me just start out by saying I've never really met such a snarky, spunky, and sarcastic heroine like Caymen. She's not like any other. Even my most favorite heroines were ones that were vulnerable with a bit of spice, and that hid behind a mask. Caymen? Caymen uses sarcasm and works with bite to hide what she's feeling.

And I really, really liked that.

The story was amazingly cute, with a great finale - I mean, who else doesn't want to know that they're from a freakin', spoiled-rich family? PLEASE LET THAT HAPPEN TO ME! - that spent butterfly twinkles all the way down to my toes.

Xander was amazingly supportive, and not at all a douche as I would've expected from someone of his position.

Caymen, well, you were sometimes stubborn, but I loved you for it. I loved the way you pushed away Xander, but no matter what, you guys ended up floating towards each other anyway.

It was a very great, cute, and refreshing read. I am very excited to read more books by this author!